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Chapter 10

As early as before the program group sent them the shooting notice, Stu Ya had a group chat of four people.

This time, they couldn't bring an agent or an assistant to attend the program. At this time, they found that neither of the two people who were going to the program was reassuring.

Xu tangzhou was relatively obedient, but he had never had the experience in this field. Any words and deeds might be magnified on the Internet. He was the one who was easy to make mistakes carelessly.

Ling Che was different. Although he had not participated in variety show, he had countless experience in facing the camera. These experiences often made him feel trapped, no his agent there, he was likely to not cooperate with the arrangement at any time. If it's more serious, it's not possible that he leave halfway.

Stu Ya explained a lot in group chat. Huang Qian had already told to Xu tangzhou, but Xu tangzhou  still listened obediently. Most of what Stu Ya said was to Ling Che.

Stu Ya: [Ling Che, have you read my Ding message? ]

Ling Che's Ding message profile was showing he's online, but he didn't say a word in the group chat.

Again, Stu Ya asked.

It took five minutes for Lingche to reply.

Ling Che: [. ]

Xu tangzhou: "..." Just a full stop?

Instead of asking, Stu Ya seemed to be used to such a way of communication with him and asked the last question instead.

Stu Ya: [Zhouzhou, there are two Alpha in the guest group, including Ling Che. You may have more frequent contacts when you're in recoding. Have you ever injected your estrus inhibitor? ]

This sentence could be understood as that situ Ya was considering Xu tangzhou's safety, or she didn't want him and Ling Che to make spark in the program. Anyway, if that happened, Ling Che would lose more.

It's an awkward topic. After all, the two men were different in gender. Once Omega was in heat, alpha would be passive in heat. The unmarked omega and Alpha were always like an unstable time bomb when they were alone, it's better to be careful to do a good job of prevention.

These words were not easy to be said directly as Alpha, Stu Ya. Huang Qian also understood that.

So he replied first: "Yes, Zhouzhou's inhibitor has validity of half a year at least. In addition, knowing to go on the program, Zhouzhou recently took the initiative to take the drugs to adjust the sensitivity of pheromone, and also prepared neck ring and Mist blockers to ensure that they would not affect Lingche. ] 

Work was work, and Huang Qian has clearly defined the boundaries.

Huang Qian took the initiative to stand in the point of Xu tangzhou, and actively cleared the relationship between him and Ling Che.

Xu tangzhou was beside Huang Qian: "Actually, I'm not feeling well..."

How uncomfortable was him? Of course, it's "I want to be marked" or something. But it sounded too lascivious. He couldn't say it out.

Huang Qian patted his shoulder: "They can rest assured, Ya is a very shrewd woman." 

Situ Ya replied that he was relieved.

And Ling Che sent a cold note: [that's the best. ]

After sending this message, his profile portrait immediately went dark and went offline.

The topic officially ended.

Xu tangzhou breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Huang Qian said so, and Ling Che didn't seem to want to have anything to do with Xu tangzhou.

Huang Qian told Xu tangzhou: "Remember, I heard that Ling Che is a light sleeper, easily waked up, and will get up, so you'd better not talk to him in the morning. Also, he is very picky about food. If he can accommodate himself, he will. Besides, his hair is taboo. Don't touch his hair. "

"Why?" Xu tangzhou was curious, "what will happen if I meet him?"

Huang Qian: "You  wanna try?"

Xu tangzhou recalled Lingche's appearance: "No, thanks."

Maybe he would transform.

If they wanted to pretend to be friends, they couldn't even know these things. It was agreed to let them find opportunities to get to know each other, but they were busy.

Now Xu tangzhou had to try his best to remember this.

Huang Qian, like an old father, exhorted thousands of time for fear of Xu tangzhou's mistake.

Director and his follow-up assistant, Huang Qian had met with them in advance, hoping that they would be more friendly to Xu tangzhou, the other side of course agreed, but to be honest, Huang Qian couldn't believe it.

After all, the show was famous for its teasing.

Outside the studio, Huang Qian was stopped.

After saying goodbye to Huang Qian, he couldn't help turning back to look at him, which made Xu tangzhou feel a little separated.

In recent days, Huang Qian had taken care of everything. If he was not too young, Xu tangzhou would call him father.

As soon as Xu tangzhou got off the car, he was facing up to a dark scene. The program team even filmed it when they got off the car outside the shed without any notice.

Xu tangzhou was shocked for a moment, and his face showed a rare confusion.


"Good morning, Zhouzhou!" said Mo Mo, assistant photographer, with a smile, "you are the third to arrive! "

Xu tangzhou was not good at all.

The camera almost on his face.

It's impossible to say that he was not nervous. All his experience of facing the camera was that he had shot an advertisement, and the director of the advertisement was trying to make his best pictures. But this bro, he just wanted to shoot how many pores he had.

"Good morning," Xu tangzhou tried to be calm.

Mo Mo was a Beta girl. She took him to sign at the check-in office with a little shy.

The signature was very beautiful. On the cover, there were some words like "Our Perfect Journey" and "I volunteered to take this trip" and other similar things like the consent letter.

It seemed that Xu tangzhou finally had a sense of reality about going to the variety show.

There were two signatures in the signature column. Xu tangzhou recognized that they were the signatures of Lu Chengan and Mi Fei, that was, the AB couple. They came earlier than him.

That was to say, Ling Che hadn't come yet.

Xu tangzhou took a pen and wrote down his name: Xu tangzhou.

When Mo Mo took him into the studio, she might be aware of his nervousness. As he walking, Mo Mo asked irrelevant questions, and then asked, "Do you only take a suitcase with you? What's in it?"

Xu tangzhou: "???"

Did this miss lose her memory? Didn't she send the attachment of the forbidden item to him?

What else could I bring except clothes?!

No matter how dissatisfied Xu tangzhou was with the arrangement of the program group, he was shocked when he entered the studio: In the gorgeous studio, there was a piece of empty space in the central area, and five suitcases were stacked. Can the guests bring so many things?!

Lu Chengan and Mifei, the owners of these five suitcases, greeted him first and laughed at his solitary suitcase.

"He's really young," Compared with other people, Lu Chengan was older. He just took actor award last year. He seemed to have an elegant temperament.

"No one else is morecunning than you," Mifei was still young and liked to smile, "Zhouzhou, can I call you Zhouzhou? I searched your fans. They all call you Zaizai(the sound was like Baby). "

There were seats arranged in the studio. Opposite was a row of people. There were six guests, each of whom was followed by a photographer. There were also a number of directors, deputy directors, assistants and so on.

Xu tangzhou was sitting next to Mifei, so many scenes made him uncomfortable.

Originally, he sat upright, and the more nervous he was, the indifferent he looked. His white skin was like a cold jade, which made people not know how to approach him.

Lu Chengan and Mifei had relieved his tension and embarrassment. He was a little surprised: "How do you know?"

"My sister is Omega. After you represent for Mist, she likes you very much. She knows that we are attending the program together and talk about you in front of me every day."

"I didn't represent for Mist," Xu tangzhou's face was slightly red, "just took a new product's advertisement."

Miffy didn't panic even he's wrong: "Well, sooner or later, believe me."

Lu Chengan was holding Mifei's hand. His pheromone was very gentle. It smell like orchid, and his tongue was also gentle: "Trust Miffy, he is very smart."

Xu tangzhou said: "Really? Thank you. "

"It's okay," Mifei suddenly showed a mysterious smile. Xu tangzhou looked a little different from his appearance.

Soon, the Beta sisters came.

The old sister's name was Xia Yue, and the younger sister's name was Xia Xing. They were not as exaggerated as Lu Chengan, but they still had three suitcases. Girls' luggage was much more than boys' in the end. 

When they came, Qimu, the famous host of the interior scene, also came. When they arrived, she officially began to announce the program rules.

But half an hour later, Ling Che had not come.

At this time, he have missed the scheduled time of the program group.

"I heard Ling Che is preparing for the concert," Xia Xing said, "he and I was taught by the same choreographer. They have been rehearsing in the dance room recently. If they practiced late yesterday, they might not be able to get up today."

Xia Yue came to see: "Xu tangzhou should know." 

Xu tangzhou was called: "Huh?"

He didn't know! 

So what was Ling Che doing yesterday?!

"I don't know," Xu tangzhou took out his acting skills in whole life, "he's very busy recently."

Fortunately, his face was not abundant in expression, so it seemed very calm, in fact, his heart was in a panic.

It's not wrong to say that.

But everyone remembered that he and Ling Che were good friends. Even Qi Mu said: "Why don't you call him, Zhouzhou? We can adjust the time according to the situation."

There were so many people waiting at the scene.

Many people knew the purpose of Ling Che's coming to the program, otherwise who can asked Ling Che to attend the show?

Xu tangzhou, was just a fresher who pretended to be a good friend as Lin Che.

Xia Xing and they mentioned this, maybe they wanted to be a prank, maybe they didn't have a good intention. Xu tangzhou didn't know what they wanted.

But Qi mu, as a high-quality host, asked this question just because he had contributed to the program's rating. Here would be the first pop point after the broadcast.

Xu tangzhou was about to be exposed.

He took out his mobile phone and looked for Ling Che's name in the communication list.

Miffy came up and asked in a low voice that no one else could hear: "Do you have it?"

Xu tangzhou knew that Mifei meant well. He nodded gently, and his fingers on the screen stopped. The words "Lingche" appeared in the address book.

Good! Huang Qian saved Lingche's phone number for him in advance!

The scene became quiet.

Qimu wanted to stimulate the atmosphere, called the person to connect the scene sound.

"Toot" sound was so long that when it was finally connected, everyone was very excited.

"Hello?" Ling Che's voice sounded, sleepy, as if still sleeping, so it seemed in a low tongue.

Xu Tangzhou connected the phone and said as naturally as possible: "Where are you?"

"On the road," Ling Che didn't ask anything, and replied, "traffic jammed. I don't know what what's going on in front. It's really annoying."

Ling Che had always been so daunting, he was not humble.

Therefore, he was likely to simply sleep in the car without concealment.

"Oh," Xu Tangzhou didn't know what to say.

Qi Mu quickly wrote sth on the prompt board. Xu Tangzhou read the words under Qi Mu's gesture, "Do you know who I am ... who?"

What did this mean?

Xu Tangzhou stunned.

Ling Che was suddenly silent over there.

Ling Che hadn't asked who it was since answering the phone, and Xu Tangzhou's voice was not very distinctive. The microphone effect in the studio, if the sound was unfamiliar, it might not be recognized immediately.

Xu Tangzhou knew that he was caught in the pit of the program group.

In the attention of everyone, he almost held his breath and his heart was beating fast.

They hadn’t seen each other since that annual meeting, so strictly speaking, Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che only met once.


For a while, Ling Che said with a hoarse voice.

"!!!" Xu Tangzhou missed a beat, his ears suddenly burned.

Ling Che said in a tone that would only said to the acquaintances before hanging up: "Don't you think I am stupid."

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