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Chapter 9

After the official announcement of the program, Huang Qian soon arranged for Xu tangzhou to have a class.

"Each celebrity has a separate office, but I know everyone is very busy and can't come often. It's just a formality. There is no office for the trainee. They will go to different classes every day. You are different from them. They want to make their debut as a man's band. You are an celebrity in the direction of the company's development of actors. But you'll have public relations and image management classes with them these days. " 

Huang Qian showed him around the classroom, met the teacher, and met several other small celebrities signed by Huang Qian. 

"What's that over there?" Xu tangzhou pointed to the corridor not far away.

Compared with the noise in other places, it seemed to be much quieter. There was no sign on the door, and nobody knows what to do.

"It's Lingche's personal space," Huang Qiandao said, "he doesn't appear often, but there are all kinds of instruments in it. There are also special recording studios in it, in case he wants to use them when he comes. Well, I don't think he can use them once or twice a year."

Xu tangzhou surprised.

He knew that Ling Che was not like that kind of person who take his work seriously, but he didn't come to the office several times a year, the company still gave him such a high configuration, which really valued him.

"Don't envy him," Huang Qian said with a smile, "Xingjing has opened up a music department for him. He only has an agency appointment in the company. He has his own studio team for all his works. He usually writes songs there, and often at home. It takes Ya and her assistant to come to the door to ask for him."

Xu tangzhou was relieved. He ought not  to meet Ling Che in the company today.

Huang Qian asked: "Do you want to have a look? The door is unlocked. "

Xu tangzhou: "Is that ok?"

Huang Qian SAID: "Yes, it's easy. Just keep it secret, he won't know it. " 

Xu tangzhou opened the door curiously and took a look.

Only in such a large space, musical instruments and lines had been placed in a room in a mess, some of which had not been unpacked, which was totally different from the luxury room Xu imagined. There were some signature posters on the table. It seemed that before they were finished, the signer had thrown away his pen.

The back of the sofa was facing the door. There was a high stack of clothes on it. It's not like what he usually wear. There were all kinds of styles and colors.

On the ground, there were some fancy skateboards and tennis rackets, which showed the owner's various hobbies.

Xu Tangzhou: "..."

Was this really not a utility room?

Huang Qian said: "Ling Che is going to have a concert. There are all the things he needs to use. After recording the program, he will be free to clean up here. He has been busy with rehearsing in the studio recently. The time is very tight. He won't manage it in a short time. "

Ling Che's concert tickets were hard to get,  Xu tangzhou had also seen.the news that middlemen fight to buy tickets. Once, he also wanted to go to Lingche' concert with his classmates. Every time he couldn't get a ticket, he ended up.

It seemed that the more successful people were, the more hard work they had to do in private. Ling Che was not born like this except for his talent.

All the splendor on the stage was composed of countless sweat.

Xu tangzhou was inspired.

He... He didn't want to make people feel that he was only popular because he happened to be a partner with Ling Che.He didn't want to be just a vase.

If people could get respect through their efforts, Xu tangzhou wanted respect from others and respect from Lingche as well.

Half a month later, Our Perfect Journey officially launched, announcing the first group of guests.

The first group was a pair of Beta sisters in the center of the topic.

The age gap between the two sisters was only two years. They used to like the same boy several times in a row. They publicly pulled and exposed each other on the Internet. When netizens thought that they were going to collapse completely this time, they would coincidentally cry that the other was the most important person in their lives.

Anyway, their fighting news kept going on.

The enthusiasm of netizens was ignited by the first pair of guests.

The program production team publicized only a group of guests every day, insulting netizens with 5 yuan while hanging everyone's appetite.

The second group of guests was a couple with AB, both of them were flow stars. The match of A and B was not strange in this era, but it was not good. After all, falling in love with an alpha could not be marked, which always made Beta feel insecure. 

Fans of both sides stared at their love trends every day, and start swearing and fighting for their own idols.

It's already interesting.

On the third night, netizens began to wait for the official blog to announce the last group of guests.

[I guess it's father and son! There was a father and a son last year! ]

[Is that Wei Ruyu? Ah ah ah, I'm so lucky to see my husband and my father-in-law on the show at the same time!]

[Wei Ruyu is only 17 years old. Wake up? Chicken coop warning. ]

[You are all naive. Please look at the lineup, a pair of BB and a pair of AB. What's the difference? Obviously the last group is AO! ]

[You're right! There is a reason to believe! ]

At eight o'clock in the evening, the announcement of the last group of guests finally came.

Our Perfect Journey official blog V: Around a circle in Galaxy, the promise is billions of years. Asteroid for you, cut through thorns. @Lingche 45361V @ Xu tangzhou zzV Friendship invincible!

[!!!!!! What?!!!!! ] 

[What do you say?!!!!! Mom, I don't know any words!!!! ]

[ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

[ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah]

A few minutes later, the Flow server was on the verge of downtime.

Xu tangzhou was hard to open flow. He didn't go to see the comments. It must have been brushed by the comments of "Lingche on variety show".

He just had a question: "Isn't Ling Che without a Flow account? Who is the one official blog referred?"

Lingche 45361...

Why does this user name look like it's being impersonated?

Huang Qian was busy looking at the itinerary, and said without looking up: "Oh, the company let him open an account. His name had been registered by others. The system randomly matched his user name, it is him. You remember to follow him so that you don't seem to know each other at all. "

Xu tangzhou answered "Oh".

Xu tangzhou's number of followers increased to 9999 + in a short period of time, which led to the unsmooth network. He clicked it several times in before entering the Flow homepage called "lingche 45361".

The owner of this account had no profile portrait. It was a blue villain. Only the profile office confirmed his identity, which wrote: Star Territory signing artist, singer.

There was only one post, which was automatically sent when Lingche registered his account.

Lingche 45361V: Hi ~ I have opened a flow account. You can follow me and know my recent situation at any time. Come and play with me!

From the program group's opening of Ling Che's flow account to Xu tangzhou's visit to the account, in just over ten minutes, Ling Che's comments under the status of automatic sending by the system had more than 30000.

[Sobbing in my lifetime! I'm dead, I'm really dead!]

[Our brother finally remembers that his mobile phone can go online!]

[Awei crematorium!! today! Who dares to tell me what is impossible in the world!! ]



The number of comments was growing at a terrifying rate.

However, Lingche didn't take any further action. He didn't forward the official announcement of the program group, didn't have any personal information, and even the number of his following was 0. It seemed that the purpose of registering this account was to make the official blog of the program group.

Xu tangzhou was different from him. According to Huang Qian's request, Xu tangzhou forwarded the official announcement of the program group, and officially appended the words.

Xu tangzhou zzV: it's said that this program is very interesting. I'm looking forward to meeting you [cute].

Under his comments, the comments were totally different. Except for a few his true fans who knew about him and liked him, the comments of other passers-by were the same as those of the program group official announcement.

[??? hello? Who can tell me who's this? ]

[So it is true that Ling Che would go to variety show!!! I feel like he's lower his price, and he's so dramatic with Omega]

[I knew it was hype. How could Lingche have Omega friends! ha-ha. ]

[Fuck off!!! Protect our Omega! ]

[I don't believe Ling Che can hold on. ]

Different from the relatively mild public opinion in the past, Xu tangzhou has received unprecedented attention this time, facing much more questions and criticisms, but unexpectedly, most of the passers-by who stayed for comment on his Flow seemed to be Omega, and unconsciously the comment area became the AO battlefield, and they began to quarrel.

Xu tangzhou: "..."

The week-long recording was about to start, and the place to be visited was guessed by netizens to be Suriland.

Xu tangzhou wanted to review the previous program, prepare the suitcase, listen to Huang Qian's notes, and receive a message from the program team to his follow-up assistant.

Assistant Mo Mo: Dear Zhouzhou, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow morning, We'll gather with all members at the studio of the program group. Here are the items that can't be brought into the trunk. If you do, we will throw them away immediately.

Attached was a list:

1. Any food.

2. Any drink (including pure water).

3. Cash and bank card of any country.

4. Any electronic communication equipment.

5. Any daily necessities (excluding skin care products).

6. Any disposable items.

7. Any auxiliary supplies (including sleeping bag pillow) that make 

you feel comfortable. 

Xu tangzhou: "???"

He read it over and over again, and made sure that it was impossible to take them. He couldn't help thinking. What else could be taken?

At the time of Xu tangzhou's meditation, he didn't know that Ying Chen had sent a Flow post, which pushed the online hot atmosphere to the climax again.

Ying Chen V: @ Dear Ling Che 45361, please follow me, let me be the first person [pitiful] [pitiful] you pay attention to.

Across the screen, the marketing account and fans were online, and Lingche finally had a move in the evening.

The Asteroid fans squatting in his Flow watched Ling Che's following turn from 0 to 1.

In half a minute.

[ha ha ha ha ha I beg Ying Chen's psychological shadow area.]

[ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Just hangup friends, break up!]

[hhhhhhhh, Yingchen deleted that post, sisters, go to see it!!! ]

[Guess who Ling Che have followed? Mom!! What happy planet do I live on today! ]

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