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Chapter 8

Hospital was always the busiest place.

Xu tangzhou forced to fill in the form. The nurse couldn't help but look at him for several times. Passers-by was also looking at him. He didn't expect that it was because of the hot Flow news yesterday. There was only a kind of creepy feeling. He took out the pheromone blocker he had inhaled and inhaled it again.

Maybe he would go to the social news with the title of "Surprise! Is it ignorance or idiocy that Omega showing estrous in public in the twenty second century? " 

Xu tangzhou went straight to  Omega internal medicine. 

"Make a fuss. You're just having a fake estrus," Qiu Yin read the report and said in a mature way, "don't accuse our hospital of having problems with the inhibitors. You see, the inspection report indicates that the period of validity of the inhibitors is at least half a year."

Chouyin was only 19, is the roomate of Xu tangzhou.

Even they live together. This young Omega was busy studying for a doctor'

degree. He was also busy with his teacher's internship in the hospital. He's not at home for 20 days in a month.

Xu tangzhou stressed: "I have nosebleed."

Today, He woke up with very hot temperature all over the body. The glands that started to bulge yesterday didn't disappear at all. There was a strange heat running around in his body. When he got out of bed, his legs and feet were enervate and almost fell down.

Xu tangzhou had well awareness of physical health. He told Chouyin about the details.

Chouyin pushed up his black glasses and frowned:"Is Zhiyuekong open?"

Xu tangzhou blushed: " ......I don't know. "

Qiu Yin sighed: "You have seen so many videos that you have not mastered the basic knowledge -"

Xu tangzhou: "Hello? Can theoretical knowledge compare with practice? You are the same! "

Qiu Yin turned a deaf ear and asked without emotion: "is there flowing water? Is there much water? "

"……" Xu tangzhou really wanted to crash into the desk and tremble with anger, "no...I shouldn't have come to you... "

"If it's not fake oestrus, what is it?" Chouyin was very professional and calm, "you are late in differentiation and have never been marked. If you have frequent contact with Alpha in a short period of time, it's easy to have fake oestrus. Nosebleeds only show that your glands are sensitive to his pheromones, and you want to be labeled by him. It's suggested that you let him temporarily mark it. Anyway, you won't be pregnant during the period of pseudo estrus. "

The doctors were all scum men.

Xu tangzhou covered his face, and the shell of the iceberg beauty face cracked completely, becoming a boiled egg: " It's impossible...too difficult. "

If let Ling Che mark him, he would rather die.

"If you don't want to be labeled, try to avoid contacting with him. You'd better not meet him, so as not to stimulate the glands again," Qiu said.

It's done.

Xu tangzhou was a little desperate: "we may work together, although the possibility is relatively small... Am I hopeless? "

Chouyin looked at him with the doctor's special eyesight, and began to write a prescription on the computer: "of course, you can be saved. You can take medicine. Take these drugs on time. When your glands get used to their pheromones, the symptoms will gradually disappear after you stop taking them. "

Xu tangzhou: "Bro, can you speak without gasping?"

Chouyin didn't use the Internet at ordinary times. He used professional websites, so he knew nothing about it.

He didn't stop to finish his business, and finally thought of the key point: "So, which Alpha is so powerful that make you reacted? It's very rare. Why don't you consider pursuing each other and making permanent marks with him... "

Xu tangzhou took the medical card: "Goodbye!"

The next day, Xu tangzhou received a call from Huang Qian.

"Good news! Last night,Ya and I talked on the phone for a long time. It's determined that you and Ling Che will be on the program together, " Huang Qian said, "first of all, you come to the company to have a class, learn about the precautions for appearance, and prepare the makeup and do the hair style for the program."


Xu tangzhou didn't pay attention to what Huang Qian said later. He was shocked: "Me? Me and Ling Che?"

Huang Qian said: "Yes."

Xu tangzhou: "No, didn't Ling Che just say to consider it?"

Xu tangzhou could still remember lingche's saying at that time, "let me take him, or wait until the next life."

Huang Qian was very happy: "Ya means that when we sent him back, didn't you and him get photographed? The news also says that you are 'good friends'. It's better to follow this exposure on the program than to find another person. Ling Che could figure the advantages and disadvantages out. "

Xu tangzhou was speechless.

What kind of friends were he and Ling Che? It's nothing. They didn't know each other at all. Won't they be torn apart when they go on the program together?

He expressed such doubts, but Huang Qian seemed to be prepared.

"The program have to sign a contract. Ling Che has never been to a variety show. Ya and the platform have a lot of terms to talk about. It will take at least two or three weeks to start shooting. You have a chance to learn more about each other," Huang Qian said, "with Ling Che, the ratings are bound to explode. The script I gave you before can be postponed later."

Xu tangzhou already had two scripts, both of which were unknown characters.

He had no experience in performing. Next month, he would have a full schedule of Performance classes to attend. So, the courses had to be postponed. But Huang Qian's meaning wa obviously that he should wait for the program first and then make another plan.

However, Xu tangzhou had already read all the scripts he liked and recited many lines.

"Zhouzhou, come on." Huang Qian finally said.

A week later, the third season of Our Perfect Journey, the hottest variety show in the past two years, came back.

As a brave travel variety show, it with a small amount of money and a lot of huge holes, letting the stars of the show fight in front of the camera be showed in the national audience. Even if the netizens knew that there was a script for the variety show, the show still had become the "most real" star reality show in the history of variety show.

Our perfect journey official WeiBo: we are back! Who is going to spend the perfect trip with us this year? Move your little finger and give us likes! We will announce our guests at 8 o'clock tomorrow evening. At that time, we will draw 100 fans who liked it, and each of them will gain 5000 krupees!

The comment area exploded soon.

[Perfect? Dame, clearly is our "pit man" travel.]

[Wait, 5000 krupees?The program group has humanity ??? ]

[Let me tell you, 5000 krupees equal 5 RMB (smile) I feel insulted clicking the like.]

[Hahahaha, I just want to see what rediculous stars want to show their stupidity this year.]


[A few hours later, Our Perfect Trip took to the top spot on The Flow Hot Search with a hot-stakes tag.]

[Other shows come out to be beaten to see how people spend 500 coins to get the hot search. 

[Oh, five coins,buying a cup of milk tea is not enough!]

[The ratings are so high, you must have earned a lot, right? ]

[Wait a minute, I found a blind spot. Why did they send Karupee? Is it going to be Suriland Island this Coquetry was time? ]

[Ahhh Suriran is so beautiful, I want to go too.]

It didn't take long that the big star Ying Chen gived the hottest comment a like, and also sent it to the hot search.

The one he liked was "What rediculous stars want to show their stupidity this year", and fans on the Internet are about to laugh out loudly. Ying Chen participated in this show last year, he almost lost a lot of fans because he didn't do well in this show. Fortunately, he is a film emperor anyway, pulled back with his superb acting skills very soon.

It seemed that the show was really terrifying, and Ying Chen was not stunned.

Ling Che was very angry at this moment, and it seemed that a two-meter-square round stranger should not be near: "Why don't  you fucking tell me?"

"How do I know you would go there?" Ying Chen turned off his phone and touched his chin, said, "I was also fooled when I went, saying that as long as I go, I could do everything I want, and give me preferential treatment."


"Then I really did what I want, the preferential treatment they gave ... You know, I am stuffed with a peach O, I don't use blockers every day, and I'm all the way." Yingchen was still angry, "it's been a year, and I'm still allergic to peaches."

Ling Che thought of Xu Tangzhou.


Ying Chen didn't know what Linche was thinking, thought that he wanted to retreat, and said: "It's not all bad. This show is putting indeed, but the photography and post-production of this program are very good. It's the first-class standard in the industry. I got the doubled payment after I attended it. "

Ling Che did not care about these.

Yingchen understood his purpose: "You just go on for fun. Just by the way, who is your partner?"

Ling Che: "A newcomer."

Ying Chen: "Right, which newcomer, what's his name, let me have a look at him."

Yingchen was psychologically shadowed by the Peach O last time. He was afraid of Ling Che's temper that would be self-defeating in the same situation.

"No," Ling Che said, "He is not that kind of person. "

He would not be wrong about Xu Tangzhou.

"Yo, so confident," Ying Chen raised his eyebrow, "Have you been met before?"

Ling Che pretended not to hear what he said, and stood up and packed his things: "You're managing too much."

The less Ling Che said, the more interested Yingchen was: "Tell me, who is it? I have experience with Omega, would you like me to teach you?"

"You don't know him," Ling Che raised his middle finger without looking back, "go away."

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