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Chapter 7

Xu Tangzhou wore the beige thick-line sweater from yesterday, which made his skin so white as milk. He is originally made of milk. If poking on his face with index finger, his skin are all tender and smooth.

But he has a stern face. There is a little red under his nostrils. How funny he looks!

Xu Tangzhou reached out and touched it subconsciously. Sure enough, he touched the bright red blood, and his face turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye within a few seconds: "..."

Shit, what the hell!

Ling Che handed him the tissue and turned his face out of the window.

Don't touch me.

Xu Tangzhou inexplicably understood the body language of the King at this time.

He seems to have been abandoned.

"Thank you." Xu Tangzhou hurriedly took the tissue and cleaned himself up in awkwardness.

What a shame .


He wanted to cry.

Fortunately, except for the piece of skin on the back of the neck that jumped suddenly and the glands became very agitated, the nosebleed was just dripping.

Not long ago, Ling Che put on a hat and closed his eyes to catch up on sleep.

No one else in the car spoke again.

Xu Tangzhou was in a complicated mood. He was thinking. If because he had nosebleed and screwed up the cooperation that Ling Che said considering, would Huang Qian kill him?


The car drove quietly all the way to Ling Che's house.

Ling Che's family is not an ordinary family. Xu Tangzhou has almost learned from the storms these days. As the only son of the luxury empire, it is rumored on the Internet that Ling Che does not want to inherit the family business.

Passing through the high-end residential area, and then through the artificial lake, the car drives more and more to the sparsely populated place.

Until they saw a villa area halfway up the mountain, it was really close to Ling Che's home.

In addition to the driveway, there is a gentle slope here, which is specially built for pedestrians or bicycles. It seems to be in line with the rich people's health, sports, and low-carbon life concepts, even if they may not use it at all.

Weeping willows stands on both sides of the trail, but it is winter, and their dry branches appeared depressed.

Xu Tangzhou looked at this trail, and some flashback clips suddenly appeared in his mind.

Green leaves, rolling bicycle wheels, dirty canvas shoes, a bunch of fresh daisies in the basket ... The fragments disappeared too fast, and he could not catch a little, and the picture disappeared completely.

The temple is hurting.

He always felt that he had been here more than once.

"Brother, don't get off!"

The car stopped at the gate of the garden. It should have arrived, but Xiao An shouted nervously.

Ling Che was awake, with a red mark on his face pressed out by himself, but still a handsome man.

But he seemed impatient: "What's wrong?"

Xiao An yelled and scolded: "There are paparazzi walking up the mountain. There are several people hiding in the bushes, and also at your door. They’re waiting for you."

Xu Tangzhou lifted the curtains and saw that the long-guns and short-guns were very complete, let alone a dozen people were waiting at the door of Ling Che's house.

Without saying anything, Huang Qian started reversing: "Let's go."

The paparazzi's sense of smell is particularly sensitive. As soon as the car moved, they immediately understood what was going on and rushed up.

"Ling Che! Ling Che, come down and explain!"

"Is it true that the blockade said on the Internet? Why didn't you participate in the Shenhai TV's New Year’s Eve Gala?"

"Ling Che!"

"Ling Che! Are you upset with Ying Chen? He didn't say anything for you this time!"

Xu Tangzhou was faced the camera of a paparazzi through the glass, and quickly closed the curtain slit: "They are crazy! Why are they more terrible than stalking fan?"

Xiao An said: "You will understand in the future!"

Actually he understood now.

Ling Che is so famous that he can’t imagine. Other people will not get such attention even if they poke the sky. All because he is Ling Che.

The car reversed a few meters and was about to start, but the front of the car was surrounded. With the craziness of these people, they could die in order to find some gossips.

"Excuse me" Huang Qian shouted, "I will not responsible for being hit!"

"Let Ling Che come down!"

"Ling Che!"

"Ling Che! Fans said that they are disappointed with you. Do you have something to say?"

The patrol security car in the villa area came. It seemed that the security guards now knew that someone had rushed up the mountain, carrying a baton but to no avail. The paparazzi were uncontrollable and made such a mess.

Ling Che seemed to be intolerable and opened the car window.

"Brother!" Xiao An was shocked, "Don't !!"

Soon, after Xiao An said. Ling Che had reached out.

He reached out his middle finger.

The excitement of the paparazzi outside reached the peak, a violent shot, screaming nonstop, and the sound almost lifted the car up.

Xu Tangzhou was stunned. Is it a bit too stiff that he reached out his middle finger? ! !

Will he be hacked to death by the  paparazzi?

"Brother Huang." Ling Che wanted them to see his attitude clearly, then he closed the window quickly, "unlocked."

"Don't be impulsive." Huang Qian wants to reject, "It's useless for you to reason with them now anyway! These sluts ... Let's go first, and give a call to Sister Ya later."

"This is my home." Ling Che yelled, "There is no reason to be blocked at home and cannot go home."

Huang Qian was speechless and anxiously said: "Then I will call the police first and wait until they leave."

Xu Tangzhou watched them, and in this case he didn't know what advice that he could give.

Ling Che does not seem to be able to listen to suggestions.

Huang Qian refused to unlock the car door. Ling Che walked to the front and leaned down easily with the advantage of his figure and he pressed the unlock button.

In such a noisy situation, a small "click" unlocking sound was caught by the paparazzi, and the car door was opened soon.

A high-frequency white light flashed in front of Xu Tangzhou’s eyes. The group of people took pictures wildly, shouting Ling Che's name regardless of the situation. For a moment, Xu Tangzhou, who had never seen such a battle, sensed fear.

"Who is this?"

"What is your relationship?"

The scene was a mess, and made people tinnitus.

Suddenly, darkness came over Xu Tangzhou's eyes, and his head was covered by others.

Ling Che took off his coat before getting out of the car and covered his face indiscriminately. Before getting out of the car, he said, "Are you stupid?"

The paparazzi ran after Ling Che who got out of the car.

The noisy voice gradually went away.

Xu Tangzhou took off his jacket and saw Ling Che, who was above the others, squeezed into the crowd. Xiao An also rushed out of the car, screaming while squeezing people.

Huang Qian was calling the police: "In Miyuan villa area, some people are making troubles, privately running into private houses ..."


That night.

# Ling Che met boyfriend secretly #

#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home #

# Ling Che reached out middle finger #

#Exposure of love affairs of Ling Che#


These tags occupy Flow's hot search place in different orders. All related to Ling Che. Among them, #Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# is the hottest, ranking first in the hot search, and it can't fade away for a long time.

However, the style of this Tag-click is completely different.

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# Hahahahaha, wtmxs, isn't beautiful Omega Xu Tangzhou? ? ]

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home # Well, yes. He is very beautiful. I also want to take home [Poor] (Wrong focus!)

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# Who is this, looks pretty good. For the first time, I felt jealous not for the hatred of the husband, but for his damn temperament! ]

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# So who is this? I need to know all his information within two minutes. ]

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# Our boy looks so scared, you are scared!! By the way, I searched that our boy is called Xu Tangzhou, and follow him soon! Following him that we are sisters of different surnames! ]

Soon, a famous gossip comment account in the entertainment circle posted a message.

[#Ling Che brought beautiful Omega home# Is the paparazzi goldfish brain? Only having seven seconds of memory? ? ? Yesterday, he was on the hot search! Come on, you must have a bit of professionalism and pay attention to the changes in the circle, OK? [White-eyed] This is a newcomer from Xingjing, named Xu Tangzhou. If you don’t remember, please check by yourself. Please don’t let me teach you by free! It’s the Mist advertisement. They just had their annual party in Xingjing last night. Is it strange to meet someone from the same company? In addition, according to informed sources, last night the group of paparazzi surrounded the Fisher Hotel at the annual party of Xingjing, constantly making harassment calls and harassing the private lives of guests and entertainers [despise]. I guessed irresponsibly. It should be that Ling Che and the agent went away separately. Xu just sent him home. PS: The driver is Xu's agent. ]

This Flow was re-posted tens of thousands of times, and soon the news from the paparazzi were thought unreal.

The asteroids laughed underneath, praising Xu Tangzhou for his good work.

[Little brother really takes care of our Che! Good child! ]

[Followed. ]

[All promised things are done, I love  [love]]

The incident quickly halved. Later, Xingjing company issued a statement that severely condemned the paparazzi created something out of nothing. By the way, they mentioned that Ling Che and Xu Tangzhou are only friends. Don’t speculate.

Once this statement came out, everyone with a clear eye knew that it was a definite marketing, just for the so-called Ling Che’s Omega discrimination theory.

Ling Che is a "friend" with an Omega. It’s enough to temporarily shut up some people who are willing to expand their minds. Although it is far from enough, it is already a good start.

Situ Ya is very good at playing this set.

Xu Tangzhou didn't know any deep meaning at this time.

He was also on Flow, wanting to see if anyone scolded him. As a result, no one scolded him this time, he was a little bit confused.

Until he saw a comment was topped.

[Only I noticed that my brother took off his coat and covered Xu Tangzhou’s head? It’s really A, but I’m still jealous, really jealous [crying]... I also want my brother’s coat [to finger]]

Xu Tangzhou was sitting on the sofa, and Ling Che's coat was on the back of the sofa.

Ling Che is a bit annoying sometimes, but he pulled the jacket back, and the pheromone is pretty good.

After a short while.


Nose-bleeding again.

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