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Chapter 6

Xu Tangzhou slept very badly that night. He had a dream all night.

It was a thunderstorm day in the dream. It didn’t know if it was a typhoon. The wood outside the window was blown up and down, and the sky seemed to have a gap, and rain fell desperately.

It’s quiet in his room. The glass of the floor-to-ceiling windows seemed to isolate the storm and the thunder. Only the ceiling fan above his head turned the blades and creaked.

There was a solid wood desk in front of him, and he placed his test paper on the table. He looked down at the paper and said that the surface of the paper was "2203 Qinan City College Entrance Examination Paper", and he was holding a pen in his hand.

At this time, Xu Tangzhou still knew that he was dreaming.

Fuck! He was shocked. Dreaming of doing high exam papers, this shadow was too deep.

Suddenly, someone said: "You don’t know how to do it?"

The voice sounded very well, lukewarmly with a sense of laziness.

Xu Tangzhou found out that he was sitting on his Alpha's leg, curled up in Alpha's arms, a very ambiguous posture.

Then, a slender, clean hand held the back of his hand from the back, with his pen gestures to write the answer.

Of course he wanted Alpha to write the answer.

Alpha did not write deliberately, but moved closer, and took a bite in his earlobe: "Beg me, please, I will teach you."

He was twitched with a bite, and the gland in the back of the neck was tickling, and the nib scratched a trace on the paper, but he said angrily: "Can't pity our college entrance examination students? Falling in love and teasing man, We are really too hard. "

The picture flickered in the dream, and Alpha had kissed him.

Xu Tangzhou had completely forgotten that he was still in a dream. He only listened to his heartbeat, and passively and eagerly greeted the kiss. It was almost unclear who was more active in the lingering hot kiss.

In the dim light, he saw his three-dimensional deep facial features. Brown eyelashes were long and dense, and he kissed him with a childish smile, just like a prank, and the other party was particularly satisfied.

Dull was far away in the sky and thunder repeated.

In a light and dark room, their figures were reflected on the glass. The teenager-looking Alpha bit his gland in the back of the neck, looking fierce, but biting lightly. Xu Tangzhou looked at the glass and met a pair of amber eyes.

The eyes reminded Xu Tangzhou of his name slowly: "... Ling Che."

Xu Tangzhou woke up when he called out the name.

The sky was bright, and he saw the ceiling of the Fisher Hotel, reminding him that he was just dreaming.

The glands in the back neck were slightly itchy, as if they were really bitten.

There was only him in the room. It seemed that Lu Jia had already left, but he didn't say hello. Didn't he say he was a friend?

But Xu Tangzhou breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately: Fortunately, only he was there.

It's all ... How long haven't he had that kind of dream?

Is it because he saw the person in the dream yesterday? Is it because when he borrowed a phone in Ling Che's room, that he accidentally used a strange posture to make up for a car without a license plate.

When he first had this dream, Xu Tangzhou had just finished differentiation, and he told the doctor shyly when he returned to the clinic.

The doctor comforted him and said it was normal.

Every Omega will dream of the ideal type in the subconscious after development, which means that they are fully mature. It was just that Xu Tangzhou differentiated late. This situation appeared later than his peers, so comforted him not to worry.

Doctor also ridiculed: "Is your sex fantasy object the ideal type?"

Xu Tangzhou thought for a while and said with a red face: "The face can't be seen clearly, but A's legs are soft!"

Until one day he saw Ling Che on the TV, every detail of the man in the dream seemed to have found the destination, fit perfectly and properly.

He chewed half of the apples and was scared.

He asked his family: "Mom, do I know him?"

Xie Rui walked over to see the person on TV: "What do you think of?"

How could he be so embarrassed to say what he had done in his dream. He only said: "I think he is very familiar, as if I know him."

Xie Rui smiled and told him: "His name is Ling Che. He is a super star. You are his fan, of course you know."

At that time, Xu Tangzhou was shocked by his shamelessness, only thanking that he was not a poisonous one before, because he found that there were quite a lot of different types of Alpha in his computer hard drive.

Facts prove that there is a difference between dream and reality.

Xu Tangzhou was so excited when he came to the annual party. It is a pity now that Ling Che is not half gentle in his dreams and may be biased against Omega.

Xu Tangzhou didn't want to be his fan anymore.

Please, he really doesn't want to have that kind of dream.


When Huang Qian came to Xu Tangzhou’s room, he was not upset: "What did you say to Ling Che last night? How did you convince him?"

Xu Tangzhou sat cross-legged on the bed and ate the breakfast delivered from the guest room. His cheek bulged with a lovely ball.

"What? I just want to borrow a phone."

Huang Qian was very happy: "I heard Xiao An said. Did you say something when you borrowed the phone and let him change ideas. Sister Ya called me this morning and said that the matter was settled. Ling Che said that he could consider it. His attitude is not so absolute. "

If stars have a good exposure, they must have a good starting point. Huang Qian is not a cautious person. Nothing is as important as his career. Occasionally, it’s acceptable to be bullied some times.

Xu Tangzhou shocked.

What? !

Is it possible to reverse things like this?

Is it like those vulgar idol dramas? Because his inadvertent sentence caused the male host to have the idea of​"Oh, woman, you successfully caught my attention"?

Think about it. Ling Che seems to ask him about Omega's discriminatory theory, but he said that it is not the same from the music.

He couldn't remember exactly their conversations.

Is it because of this?

People from company have gone almost.

After breakfast, they had to leave. The protesters and the media downstairs were energetic, and even stayed up all night before they left, probably knowing that Ling Che would leave the Fisher Hotel anyway today. They behaved more excitedly than yesterday, vowing that don’t let Ling Che leave.

Entering the elevator, Huang Qian said: "Zhouzhou, you look pale. Didn’t you sleep well last night?"

"Too bad." Xu Tangzhou told the truth. It is strange. He is almost hollowed out.

"Lu Jia is quite tossing." Huang Qian misunderstood what he meant, reminding him, "But you still have to pay attention to sleep. Although you are still young, you are an entertainer, and you must take good care of yourself. Look at Lu Jia! He is twenty-six years old. "

Xu Tangzhou was shocked. He thought Lu Jia is at most twenty years old.

Entertainers are monsters!

Arrived at the parking lot, Huang Qian just opened the door to let Xu Tangzhou get in the car. Xiao An ran over: "Brother Huang!"

Xiao An gasped and said that she wanted to ask them for a favor.

The two said a few words. Xu Tangzhou didn't hear clearly. He only closed his eyes and had a rest. He really had to catch up on sleep.

Huang Qian called him when he got on the car again: "Zhouzhou, you sit in the inner place."

Xu Tangzhou didn’t know why, but he moved to the second row of seats.

He just sat down and a long leg stretched in.

Ling Che wore a mask and a cap, presumably he wanted to disguise, but Xu Tangzhou can recognize easily, not to mention his unique S-class scorching pheromone.

It’s hot.

He sat silently on the seat next to Xu Tangzhou and adjusted the back of the chair naturally to make him feel more comfortable. Fortunately, the seats of this senior nanny car are wide, so as not to make him feel uncomfortable.

Xu Tangzhou: "..."

So does he need to say hello?

Xiao An followed, sitting in the front row with a smile and leaning over her head, said: "Excuse me, the license plate on the car we driven yesterday was photographed by the paparazzi, and now sister Ya drives the one to leave. It’s coincident that we meet you here and get a ride. I’m sure no one will guess that we’re in your car.  Zhouzhou, don’t you mind? "

This is the truth. There is no media now knowing Xu Tangzhou's car, and its unknown whether they know Xu Tangzhou.

Situ Ya is worthy of Situ Ya.

"Do not mind." Xu Tangzhou glanced at Ling Che.

Ling Che didn't mean to say hello to them.

Okay, Xu Tangzhou decided to be like this. Everyone is silent.

Huang Qian started the car: "Does Ling Che want to go home or where to go? I heard that Ying Chen lived happily in Chengbei and introduced you to buy a house. Are you going over there?"

Ying Chen! Grand Slam movie emperor!

Xu Tangzhou thought. It turned out that Ling Che's friends are all at this level, and indeed the great person make friends with out-standing people.

But he, the achievements of the peak moment only dragged the schoolmate roommate into the water, and play the children's version of Link Game with him online.

"Go home." Ling Che finally spoke.

Probably because of the morning, his voice sounded a little husky, "Thank you."

No one mentioned the embarrassing meeting last night.

No. For Xu Tangzhou and Ling Che, it was two embarrassing meetings.

No one talked in the car anymore. They passed through the bustling crowd outside the hotel without causing any doubt. Just after driving, I heard someone shouting, "Ling Che's car !!!"

People swarmed up, and Situ Ya was surrounded by groups as soon as she drove car out of her head.

Xiao An almost applauded and laughed, and Ling Che looked back at those people, only to say two words.

Xu Tangzhou felt that he was saying "stupid".

But Xu Tangzhou has no evidence.

While thinking, Ling Che suddenly took off his mask and hat, completely relaxed, and looked very tired, leaning on the back of the chair, dark circles ... quite scary.

Did this superstar not sleep all night?

"What are you looking at?" Ling Che looked over.

Xu Tangzhou: "?????"

Ling Che said coldly: "Don't always stare at me."

Xu Tangzhou: "... I didn’t."

Huang Qian glanced at them from the rear-view mirror. He could not see Xu Tangzhou from his angle, only to see Ling Che with a cold face, digging something in his wide jacket pocket, looking very impatient.

Huang Qian always felt that they would fight soon.

Xu Tangzhou didn't dare to look at Ling Che anymore. He felt that Ling Che was a little manic now. Maybe he got upset. He had better not speak, and try to be quiet as a chicken.

He doesn’t know why his glands itched again, itchy than when he woke up in the morning.

He couldn't help but reach out and touched it, and found that a small piece of skin on the back of the neck was hot and bulged slightly, just like waiting for something to pierce.

Suddenly a hand stretched out.

The beautiful fingers overlapped with Xu Tangzhou's dream hand.

Xu Tangzhou raised his head with doubts and he saw what he was holding in his hand.

It turned out that Ling Che took a hard time, and took out a bag of tissues from his pocket.

Huang Qian, who was observing in secret. His mouth twitched when he saw the situation.

Ling Che handed the tissue to Xu Tangzhou and said lightly, "You have a nosebleed."

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