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Chapter 5

When Xu Tangzhou saw Ling Che, he was also shocked: "..."

Xu Tangzhou, as a former T-stage model, is already the taller type in Omega. He is 1.8 meters tall, but Ling Che is much taller than him.

Previously Ling Che was arrogant and didn't even get up on the sofa. Now he stood in front of Xu Tangzhou. Xu Tangzhou found out that he was taller than his half of head. The textbook says that the difference in size is an inherent advantage of adult Alpha. When necessary, Alpha will hold the back of the partner's neck and severely mark the partner with an absolutely domineering and irresistible posture.

Xu Tangzhou didn't know why he suddenly thought of that, and quickly dispelled the absurd thinking.

He was a little embarrassed: "Hey, bother. Can I borrow the telephone in your room?"

Ling Che stood there, still wearing the clothes he just wore.

He doesn’t mean to let him enter the room, and his expression became colder.

Xu Tangzhou had no choice but to point to the door across the room and make clear the facts: "I live across from you. I just went to help a friend to get an anti-alcoholic medicine without a room card. When I came back, I found the door was locked. He drank and couldn't wake up. I want to borrow a phone and call to the reception desk, but I didn't expect you living in this room. "

If he knows in advance, Xu Tangzhou will never knock on this door.

Ling Che looked at this person from a condescending position, and he wondered why someone could be so natural when he broke up with his ex after breaking up.

So, does this mean that only he is still concerned?

"Forget it. I'm sorry." Xu Tangzhou fell awkwardly and took a step back pretending to say indifferently, "I’ll ask help from others."

He didn’t expect after walking a few steps Ling Che's voice sounded from behind

"Come in."

Xu Tangzhou looked back in surprise. It’s unbelievable.

Ling Che said coldly: "You wear like this. Who would you like to disturb so late?"

Finally, no matter what Xu Tangzhou reacted to, he went to the room in advance.

Xu Tangzhou almost forgot that he was still wearing a yukata. He looked down, and he blushed a moment. This looks like a little unreasonable, and it wouldn’t be nice if he was misunderstood.

Fortunately, Ling Che has an opinion on him. Xu Tangzhou didn't feel anything wrong in front of him, but just quietly tightened the neckline before entering the door.

That’s it!

Ling Che's room is exactly the same as the room they live in.

However, only one bedside lamp was turned on in the room. It looked very quiet about the warm-toned lights. The pheromone smell on Ling Che's body made this room warm and aggressive.

As soon as Xu Tangzhou entered the door, he felt that he had stepped into the territory of the predator.

S-class Alpha, as expected, is indeed a powerful creature.

Ling Che came to the short side, and there is a bright laptop on it.

He seems to be very privacy-conscious. He closed the computer, and then said lukewarmly: "I unplugged the phone line. You plug it in and call."

"Thank you." Xu Tangzhou hurriedly responded, "Just a minute."

The telephone on the bedside table was unplugged. Xu Tangzhou squatted down on the carpet and found the telephone line plug was under the cabinet.

During this process, Xu Tangzhou suddenly understood why Ling Che did this, probably because he was so annoyed by harassment. It may be this time, or it may have been before that he has heard that some media will invade the private life of entertainers in pervasive ways. The more famous people, the less freedom they have.

The phone is on.

Xu Tangzhou did not dare to spend more time, and he found the service number from the phone book and dialed it out.

Ling Che has not thought about in the past four years that Xu Tangzhou will appear here, appearing in his room, appearing close to him, and can be touched almost in one step.

He thought that he would never see Xu Tangzhou again.

After Xu Tangzhou disappeared overnight.

From his point of view, he could only see the back of Xu Tangzhou.

Xu Tangzhou's neck ring had been removed, but the white back neck is firmly covered by the collar of the yukata, and there is no trace of the glands at all. Ling Che suddenly regretted it before he should not remind this person to get dressed, otherwise he can now see what mark this person's Alpha left on the gland.

It will never look as good as he marked it.

If it is him, he will definitely leave the most perfect bite mark in the world on the gland.

"Unable to connect."

Suddenly, Xu Tangzhou said.

Ling Che naturally raised his eyelids from the phone screen as if he had never spied on the other party: "What?"

Xu Tangzhou was half kneeling on the carpet and holding the receiver. The light cast the eyelashes on the eyelid. "The phone has been busy all the time. I called several times. Are there other lines not plugged in?"

Ling Che, did he pull other wires?

Ling Che came over and seemed too lazy to talk.

Since he took the telephone receiver from Xu Tangzhou's hands, he put it in his ear and dialed.

Xu Tangzhou did not dare to speak, not to mention any objections, only obediently waiting for the owner of this room to confirm.

For the first time after the meeting, the two were so close. He didn't know it at all. He had a slight fragrance on his body, just as if to drill into Ling Che's nose.

"Is it all right?" Xu Tangzhou waited for a while, and his face turned red immediately, "..."

One is standing and the other is kneeling. They are close to each other. His face is facing a strange part, and the posture is too weird!

Xu Tangzhou turned back silently, pretending that nothing happened.

Ling Che did not notice that he confirmed that it was indeed unreachable, and put the receiver: "It may be the busy line caused by the paparazzi's continuous harassment calls. This group of people is idle to play the role of the world police. What is your agent's phone number? Call him."

"I don't know." Xu Tangzhou stood up, "... saved in the phone."

The key is that he didn’t bring a mobile phone. If he did, he wouldn’t ask Ling Che for help.

His inner heart is collapsed. Mercury retrograde is really endless, and this year is not his natal year.

Ling Che didn't say anything, and just walked back to the table then picked up his mobile phone. He dialed assistant Xiao An and told Xu Tangzhou's room number, then he asked Xiao An to get a room card, and handled it quickly.

"Ten minutes." Ling Che told Xu Tangzhou, "Xiao An will send you a room card."

"Thank you." Xu Tangzhou thanked him wholeheartedly.

Ling Che threw away his mobile phone and didn’t say other words. He said directly: “Memorizing your agent’s phone number first after going back. As a star, you can’t always get help from others every time. It is best to let your agent or assistant solve it in case of any emergency. "

For the first time, Xu Tangzhou realized that Ling Che had a good intention to remind him as a senior. He felt embarrassed and troubled his assistant, and let Ling Che to teach him basics.

Ling Che is not as bad as expected.

"Excuse me." Ling Che didn't look at him anymore and said lightly, "You are blocking the light."

Xu Tangzhou was originally standing in front of the bedside table lamp, and quickly quit when he heard the words: "Sorry."

The two didn't talk anymore, and they had nothing to say.

Xu Tangzhou scratched his hair: "Then... I won't disturb you. I will go out and wait."

"..." Ling Che paused. Said in a indifferent way, "Huh."

The empty sofa is here. Is this person blind?

Never mind.

Xu Tangzhou walked a few steps and couldn't help but stop: "That, those rumors are true?" This question troubled him all night. Ling Che's attitude towards him, is it possible that it is really like the media reported because Ling Che discriminated against Omega?

Ling Che understood the question: "What do you think?"

He didn't expect Xu Tangzhou to think so. Isn’t Xu Tangzhou the clearest one whether he discriminates against  Omega?

Xu Tangzhou thought about it, and said sincerely: "From your music, I think you’re not."

Ling Che did not speak or refute.

Xu Tangzhou really left, and he thanked him again before leaving, and closed the door gently.

Lin Che finally breathed a sigh of relief and squeezed the bridge of his nose. He almost asked the words "Why are you still listening to my songs?"

There is still a trace of fragrance in the house, which was left by Xu Tangzhou. Ling Che had carefully confirmed it just now. It was just the fragrance of the hotel shower gel. He did not smell other Alpha breath on Xu Tangzhou.

After a while, Ling Che reopened the laptop that he closed as soon as he entered the door.

He didn't like what he was doing to be interrupted, even though he was just browsing Xu Tangzhou's Flow homepage.

Xu Tangzhou zzV: Happy New Year!

There are over then thousands comments this PO.

Ling Che clicked in and took a look. Sure enough, there are many comments that wish Xu Tangzhou a happy birthday.

There are also a lot of his asteroids in the message.

Ling Che did not open a social account,. His fans should have finally found a breakthrough, and frantically want to express their caring mood. Ling Che read some comments and finally found a recording link left by someone.

This should be the live replay that Xiao An laughed in the car.

He opened the video and Xu Tangzhou's hazy sleeping face appeared in the camera, which was a very natural and relaxed state, almost from the perspective of some lovers: "Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for your blessing."

Xu Tangzhou said while adjusting the lens. He was wearing loose-fitting home clothes. During the shaking of the camera, he could see the snow-white neck flashing in the picture.

Ling Che only looked for a few seconds, then turned off the page.

This image made Leng Chi think Xu Tangzhou's neckline widely opened when he opened the door just before, and it took him a long time to calm down the strong desire.

He wants to bite.

Really want.

He’s almost out of control.

It is now two o'clock on January 2nd.

It has been two minutes since Xu Tangzhou's 22nd birthday.


Xiao An delivered the room card in less than ten minutes. Xu Tangzhou was so moved that he wanted to cry. As soon as he entered the door, Lu Jia was still sleeping.

Xiao An told Situ Ya that Che was really cruel, and would rather throw fragile Omega outside and wait, and would not let him enter the house. He’s not tender.

Situ Ya really feels baldness for this reason: Does Ling Che reach in the late stage of A cancer.

It’s just a former boyfriend who broke up.

In the morning, Situ Ya came to Ling Che's room without questioning, but just worried: "Should I tell Huang Qian about this situation?"

Ling Che said: "What do you say? Tell Huang Qian? I am the one who was dumped?"

Situ Ya: "..."

Ling Che: "What expression do you have?"

Situ Ya changed his shocked face: "Xu Tangzhou has poor eyesight?"

Ling Che's expression was as usual: "He met Alpha with a higher degree of fit, and did not have enough self-control and was marked."

"No wonder you... well, this is not what he can control," Situ Ya sighed and thought of something, strangely, "No, Xu Tangzhou was marked? But I have read his entry information, he is indeed single now."

Every fully marked Omega will display spouse information during the medical examination, but the admission medical examination form cannot be fake, unless-

Situ Ya thought: "Unless he had a mark cleaning operation."

Now that the technology is very developed. After AO couple divorced, as long as they have money, Omega can go to the hospital to undergo a permanently mark cleaning operation.

So Situ Ya guessed this way.

Ling Che's expression changed slightly. No wonder he didn't smell any Alpha breath on Xu Tangzhou last night.

Situ Ya said: "Then what’s your plans next--"

Ling Che interrupted her: "I loved."

Situ Ya: "..."

"That's all." Ling Che said, "No need to talk to Huang Qian."

Situ Ya: "Okay, as you wish. I don't think Xu Tangzhou wants to mention it, even if he wants to cooperate with you."

She officially skipped this topic.

"This one is not bad. Even if he is not a newcomer, who is a little fresher than that one, and his temperament is not as good as that one." Situ Ya pointed to the Omega photo on the screen, and it was always inevitable to compare with Xu Tangzhou. "Fortunately, he is cute, which means that he already has his own set. It is estimated that the program team will have some ideas on the play-script."

Situ Ya spoke for a long time, and her mouth parched and tongue scorched.

The sky was bright. Ling Che took a up of coffee thoughtfully. It doesn’t know whether he is listening.


Ling Che concluded: "He is not good."

"No?" Situ Ya is crazy, "God, do you think this is a harem that choosing a consort?"

Ling Che tapped his finger on the cup: "There is a saying that whoever cares will lose?" 

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