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Chapter 4

Walking through the soft and thick carpet and bypassing the corridor, the noise from the scene of the annual party was isolated.

"If it works, you can go to a variety show." Huang Qian said excitedly, "The ratings are very high."

Xu Tangzhou was even more puzzled: "I have no work yet. Can I go to a variety show?"

Huang Qian rubbed his hands: "Don't worry. You have already had a good exposure before. Besides, as long as this person is present, even if you are a common person, you will be most welcomed by program teams."

Xu Tangzhou brainstormed and suddenly thought of something. He took a step back and honestly proposed: "Brother Huang, I seem to have forgotten to tell you that I firmly refuse to accept any unspoken rules and do not engage in pornography."

Huang Qian: "..."

Huang Qian: "Don’t think too much! Don't be nervous from now on. Be yourself!"

As soon as words were barely out of his mouth, Huang Qian pushed open a door.

As soon as the door opened, Xu Tangzhou was suddenly pushed forward by him, and appeared at the door indifferently.

Everyone in the room was looking at him.

Except the one-

The man sitting on the soft leather sofa in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, the floor in front of the sofa was almost unable to let go of his long legs. Alpha's breath was overbearingly and directly from him. As soon as Xu Tangzhou felt it, he buzzed in his head and was blinded by the pheromone on the spot.

The scorching sun, is exclusive to Ling Che's S-level pheromone, which is a kind of abstract Alpha pheromone that is rare on earth.

The ridicule of the radio host sounded vaguely in his head. Xu Tangzhou thought uncontrollably. No wonder there is no Omega around this person... This feeling is enough to soften any unmarked Omega legs.

Hearing the door opening, Ling Che just turned his head slowly and looked at him with no expression.

And Xu Tangzhou was watching him.

The eyes of the two collided, and for a moment they seemed to be silent.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling windows is the night view of the city, and it didn’t know when the sky became dark completely. 

Ling Che turned his back to the prosperous lights, like countless times when he was surrounded by fireworks in the center of the stage, just like the stars arching the moon, far away and real.

Xu Tangzhou's heart jumped violently at once, and there was a crazy voice shouting incredulously: ah ah ah ah is real Ling Che! ! !

Ling Che's cold eyes are dark brown under the night lights without any emotion.

Because of his pedigree, his eyebrows are deep and his nose is tall. He has a lazy and noble sense of elegance. Unlike the costumes of the stars at the annual party, Ling Che's hair is scattered and unattended, wearing a wide black hoodie. The only decoration is the rings with different meanings on the long fingers.

From the perspective of dress, Ling Che really didn't mean to attend the annual party properly, and he was unique and wanton.

The sense of age has been drawn very close, and it is reminiscent of this highly anticipated superstar who is only 26 years old this year.

It turns out that Ling Che is like this in private!

Xu Tangzhou roared inside.

So he is the one said by Huang Brother that will teach him on the show, Ling Che? Ahhhh he can! ! !

In just two or three seconds, the atmosphere in the house was solidified by an invisible hand.

Huang Qian glanced at Xu Tangzhou, and thought “terrible”.

Xu Tangzhou looks very indifferent, seeming to be covered with a layer of ice, even if Huang Qian knows that he must be screaming in the heart at the moment.

"..." Huang Qian was speechless, and next time he would let him study expression management seriously.

As soon as the child is serious, he looks very indifferent. At the first meeting, Huang Qian was bluffed by serious Xu Tangzhou. Who knew that the faster the person was set up, the faster he collapsed.

"Here comes." He quickly introduced himself, "Sister Ya, this is our Zhouzhou. Zhouzhou, this is Situya. Sister Ya, the company's gold agent. And Xiao An, the company's gold assistant."

Xiao An was embarrassed: "You flatter me."

Huang Qian smiled kindly: "I don't need to introduce another one. Today, did you still ask me repeatedly whether Ling Che will come? The person is there, and you haven't said hello?"

Xu Tangzhou has not yet realized the fact that "seeing real Ling Che".

His earlobe glowed red imperceptibly, and he began to wake up like a big dream: "Hello, how are you?"

With Ling Che's gaze, Xu Tangzhou followed Huang Qian into the house and politely shook hands with Situ Ya and Xiao An.

When it was Ling Che's turn, Xu Tangzhou's palms were sweating. Finally he calmed down, and he introduced himself again: "Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Xu Tangzhou."

Huang Qian said: "Zhouzhou likes you very much. He also mentioned you during the live broadcast last night and scolded anti-fans."

Xiao An raised her hand: "Yes, yes, I have seen!"

Xu Tangzhou's hand stretched out in the air.

His skin is so white that could clearly see the veins of blood vessels on the back of his hand, which is as impeccably beautiful as a man like him. He looks like a fine piece of porcelain that can be easily crushed.

Ling Che did not speak.

He ignored that hand and didn't mean to shake hands at all.

"Ling Che?" Situ Ya only politely said that he was still having a temper tantrum, "we said we will teach a newcomer."

Huang Qian was unclear. Therefore, he thought that Ling Che thought Xu Tangzhou was too indifferent, so he said: "While, although Zhouzhou looks indifferent, he’s actually very simple, really. He's not even in love and he’s easy to get along well. "

Xu Tangzhou: "???" He doesn't want to lose face?

Strange introduction? What kind of business does the agent quietly start? !

Hearing this, Ling Che finally raised his head to look at the person standing in front of him.

Until then, he noticed Xu Tangzhou's neck ring.

Almost transparent lace neck ring, is wrapped around the beautiful neck. It covers the glands thinly, adding a bit of abstinence, but more clearly reminds that the owner of this neck ring is a sweet and delicious unmarried Omega.

In just a few years, Xu Tangzhou has grown into what he is today.

Facing him, not only did he behave as flawless as he did for the first time, but also dared to lie to the company without hesitation.

Ling Che said coldly: "You want me to teach him? So next life."

Xu Tangzhou withdrew his hand in amazement, and the red behind his ears spread to his face, and finally dyed this cold face with a red color.


What's the situation?

Huang Qian's smile froze on his face, and Xiao An opened her mouth into a small O-shape.

Without waiting for Situ Ya to speak, Ling Che relentlessly added: "I don't particularly like this one."

Huang Qian intervened in a hurry: "That's because you don't know him. You can know him first and you will find Zhouzhou--"

"Do you understand?" Ling Che said to Huang Qian, but he looked at Xu Tangzhou. "I dare to say that you don't even know this star at all."

His eyes had no substance, and Ling Che did not reveal the negative emotions that were partly disgusted or disgusted.

Xu Tangzhou felt that he was being watched like that, and his sight was almost burning, and he was about to burn a hole. At that moment he realized that he was nothing in front of the other party, but was a negligible speculator waiting to be promoted.

To tell the truth, Xu Tangzhou is not difficult to understand such an idea, but Ling Che is very different from what he imagined.

Because you don’t like one type of person, it’s rude and arrogant to judge others.

Ling Che himself, as he is arrogant and rebellious.

The embarrassment on Xu Tangzhou's face slowly faded, and he looked at Ling Che like that, and said nothing.

Ling Che looked away.

Situ Ya saw the situation and took a step forward: "What are you doing? Work is not a blind date, but also pick a style? We just said well just now, just teach a new person!"

They all know the reason why they really want him to teach a newcomer, including Huang Qian, teaching a newcomer is just an additional condition, and it can't be overstated.

Opportunity for a win-win situation is here.

"You said you just brought him over and let me see if it would work first." Ling Che interrupted her, and his nice voice answered blandly with a bit frivolous, "I've seen him. The answer is no."

Finally, Ling Che ignored the people in this room and covered his face with a peaked cap.

He acted like he’s only three years old, no more.

The room was quiet for a while.

When everyone was at a loss, Ling Che said coldly: "Go out."

This sentence was said to Huang Qian.

Huang Qian has good temper but he is in favor of his own stars. He immediately took Xu Tangzhou out and Situ Ya quickly caught up and explained.

Once the outsider was sent away, Situ Ya couldn't hold back when he came back, and he hatedly took Ling Che's hat, looking at his unsleeping face: "So why is that! What's wrong with others? Give me an explanation. "

Ling Che was not anxious and restless, and gently took the hat back to cover his face.

He said: "It's such a coincidence to help me find my ex boyfriend, Thank you."


At the end of the annual party, it arranged to draw a lottery.

Xu Tangzhou did not succeed in getting the golden chance said by Huang Qian, nor did he win the prize as he wished. It’s unlucky in his birthday and everything didn’t go smoothly.

Huang Qian is only a small agent, and he can only comfort him for a while, saying that there are many opportunities in the future, so he should not be affected because of this matter.

After listening for a while, Xu Tangzhou sighed deeply: "Oh, the words are too full, and I'm going to be beaten. Now it's too late to change my face and change my name. Is it too late?"

Talked about what was reversed during the live broadcast. At least one or two thousand people witnessed his speech at that time, and he was really hurt.

"I really don't know Xu Tangzhou." He said seriously, "Who is that?"

Huang Qian: "..."

He thought Xu Tangzhou was heartbroken. He didn't expect Xu Tangzhou worried about it. He really couldn't understand these young people!

Is the face more important than opportunities? 

"It is better to take off early than to take off." Xu Tangzhou said to himself, "Taking off early is worse than taking off later."

Lu Jia saw Xu Tangzhou, and came over and heard this sentence. He opened his eyes widely: "Take it off?"

Xu Tangzhou sighed again, he was really lost: "unfollowing "

After the annual party, it doesn’t know who leaked the wind that Ling Che had already come. There are more and more reporters outside the Fisher Hotel. Every time a car goes out, they will be stopped to take photos and interviews. After the alarm, it will not help. Later, the senior officials said that for safety and privacy, everyone stayed at the hotel that night.

The rooms that were ordered are not enough to live. Xu Tangzhou was not familiar with anyone. Fortunately, Lu Jia offered to share a room with him.

Lu Jia was a little drunk and lay on his bed as soon as he entered the room.

After Xu Tangzhou took a shower, he was still lying on his stomach, as if drunk.

"I’m so uncomfortable ..." Lu Jia's eyes were red, with alcohol, "I want to take a shower."

Xu Tangzhou is very good at dealing with drunk people. He has experience: "You can't take a bath now. I call the room and ask them to get some anti-alcoholic medicine."

Lu Jia shook his head: "There are paparazzi. I brought ... in the bag."

Xu Tangzhou looked around and didn't find the bag: "Not here, where is your bag?"

Lu Jia said confusedly: "Dressing room."

After speaking, there was no voice again.

It was not far from the small hall that was temporarily converted into a dressing room. Xu Tangzhou went to get the bag back, but the room door was locked. He called Lu Jia many times but couldn’t be heard. He probably slept to death.


Xu Tangzhou was speechless on the spot.

He didn't take his room card or mobile phone, and he only wore a bathrobe after bathing.

It must be Mercury Retrograde.

It is impossible to go downstairs. He doesn’t know who will meet in the elevator.

Fortunately, he responded quickly. People in this floor are all from Xingjing. He could find people in other rooms to call the reception desk and let them take the room card to help him open the door.

He never expected that the door opposite to the one he knocked on  was opened by Ling Che.

"It's you." Seeing him, Ling Che showed impatience, "What do you want to do?"

Then, Ling Che frowned.

Xu Tangzhou seemed to have just taken a shower, and his skin was still steaming.

He only wore a loose yukata all over his body, and he could vaguely see a white chest and collarbone, as well as two straight legs exposed under the yukata.

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