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Chapter 3

Xu Tangzhou was taken upstairs by Huang Qian, and did not rush into the venue, but went to a temporary dressing room to change clothes for modeling.

Huang Qian thought very carefully and prepared a suit for him in advance.

The stylist also specially matched a neck ring for the suit. The neck ring is a lace-like material made of high-tech materials. It perfectly buckles the posterior cervical gland. Even if it’s light, it can protect the gland from any harm.

Xu Tangzhou simply made his hair and did not makeup.

He wore simple but attracted many people’s attention when he arrived in the lobby.

There are many exquisite people in the entertainment circle, and the  annual party of Xingjing is star-studded, and all kinds of beauties are dazzling.

Omega stars have become more distinguishable. Although they use various pheromone blockers, each of them wears a neck ring. At a public party containing alcohol, it is not legal for Omega to attend without a neck ring. The quantity of Omega in the company is very small at a glance and most of them are Beta and Alpha.

The times are changing, and the time to see whether a person is noble or not by the pheromone level has passed.

But the appearance of Xu Tangzhou still made everyone feel the difference.

Unlike most Omega's sweetness, even if they can't smell Xu Tangzhou's pheromone, they can see from his appearance that he must not be at the same level as them.

Xu Tangzhou simply stood there and did nothing, which impossible to make people ignore.

The coldness from his body seemed to spread invisibly from his side, making people unable to bear to see him, but dared not talk to him.

Xu Tangzhou was accustomed to such a look. He took a glass of champagne from the waiter's tray and followed behind Huang Qian to observe the surroundings.

Ah, it seems that Ling Che really didn't come. He thought angrily. It’s really annoying. There are so many reporters and protesters downstairs. Ling Che couldn't come even if he wants to.

Huang Qian seemed to enjoy such attention. He wants Xu Tangzhou to be famous. He smiled and talked to people, and introduced from time to time. Except for several well-known and popular stars, Xu Tangzhou did not remember names of other stars.

The annual party has not officially started yet. Everyone is speculating about what gifts have  prepared for surprise.

While talking a colleague came over and whispered something to Huang Qian and called him away. 

Xu Tangzhou stood alone, feeling lonely like snow.

He is very bad at socializing.

"Are you Xu Tangzhou?" A black-haired round face Omega, greeted him actively, looking very young and familiar.

Xu Tangzhou quickly remembered that the other party is the male supporting role of a network drama not long ago. It seems to be called Lu Jia and he was very popular for a while at that time. But there is no news from him this time. Xu Tangzhou didn’t expect that he is also a star in Xingjing.

Sure enough, the other party introduced himself: "My name is Lu Jia. I have seen your advertisement."

Lu Jia reached out friendly.

Xu Tangzhou remembered what Brother Huang said to him, then he shook hands with him, and answered very commercially: "I also watched your TV series."

"That's black history." Lu Jia said embarrassingly, smiling with dimples. "It can't be compared with your advertisement. I heard that because of this advertisement, Mist's new products are selling very well. Brother Huang's eyes are really poisonous. No wonder everyone in the company can't compete with you. "

Xu Tangzhou didn't know that there was still such a thing: "Internal competition?"

"Yes." Lu Jia didn't mention it, and toast to him. "You’re so lucky. You made a good start when you first appeared on TV. Congratulations."

Xu Tangzhou had to politely say: "Thank you."

Lu Jia naturally engage with people. He is not proud even if he is a predecessor. He not only did not leave after greeting, but also chatted with Xu Tangzhou. From time to time a star or a colleague passed by, and he told Xu Tangzhou who the other party was, telling gossip about something harmless, which was more effective than Huang Qian’s introduction.

The two chatted for a while, and Lu Jia wanted to take a selfie with Xu Tangzhou. After taking a few photos, he picked one and sent Flow.

Lu Jia V: Because of the advertisement, I fell in love with Mist. Because of Mist, I met Xu Tangzhou, love you @ 许 棠 舟 zz

"..." Xu Tangzhou understood that Lu Jia was expanding.

Stars like to do this. Whether they are familiar or unfamiliar, they could follow first. The same as Huang brother said,  "Newcomers make friends with stars first."

"Follow me." Lu Jia didn't feel embarrassed at all, so he naturally followed Xu Tangzhou, and then exclaimed in a small voice, "You have so many fans. I want to help you improve the number of your fans, but now I think you needn’t. "

After last night's fermentation, Xu Tangzhou was already a blogger whose fans broke through a hundred thousand. Xu Tangzhou just followed Lu Jia and Huang Qian returned.

Huang Qian is excited and his hands are shaking: "Zhouzhou, come with me."

Xu Tangzhou's task about "making an star friend" was only halfway through: "What's wrong?"

Huang Qian only took him away, and said excitedly: "I said before that I will find someone to teach you, but I didn't expect it comes so soon that I dare not think about it. It’s very rare. Let’s go."

Xu Tangzhou was confused: "Now?"

There is a mysterious smile on Huang Qian’s chubby face: "Guess who?"


"I disagree."

At the same time, Ling Che spoke lazily in the well-insulated room of Fisher Hotel.

It can clearly see the shadow of the crowd downstairs from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Even reporters and protesters blocked under the building, they could not imagine that Ling Che entered the hotel already from under their eyes.

Ling Che is really unwilling to participate in the company's annual party, but this time he made a small mistake. He should respect the boss. But he never thinks that they arrange works for him and he doesn’t think he is wrong. So he doesn’t want to compromise. 

Situ Ya is very anxious: "So what do you want from me? Do you still want to hold the concert in March? I don’t want your fans to refund by then!"

Ling Che touched a peaked cap. He puts his long legs on the short table, and his eyes are dark brown under the light: "There can be no such thing."

Xiao An doesn't dare to say a word.

Situ Ya is a gold agent. She has been in the circle for so many years, and she has always been very accurate in estimating the direction of public opinion.

Ling Che said something wrong before and he still didn’t take part in the New Year’s Eve party. She knew the truth of a tall tree catching the wind.

"What means no such thing?" Situ Ya did her best to convince him, "Yes, no one will refuse your concert, but what happens afterwards? If you don't explain or come forward, this stain will never go down. In the future when you stand on the peak once, someone will diss you and follow you like a flies that don’t walk away, no matter what your achievements are, they will follow you. ”

Ling Che: "I don't care."

Situ Ya had to say: "If the consequences are only for you to bear, but don’t you know that Bao Fenni was also influenced by you?"

Bao Finni is the brainchild of Ling Che's Alpha mother Leng Zhi. As a luxury jewelry brand, the target consumer group has always been Omega.

Leng Che has been Bao Fenni’s spokesperson for three years and  his huge posters can be seen everywhere in the store.

As soon as Ling Che’s “Omega Discrimination” was reported last month, Bao Fenni’s performance was visibly declining. After the fermentation of the New Year’s Eve party last night, the downtown stores were even splashed with paint, and it was accused of unscrupulousness.

Ling Che does not pay attention to media news, and naturally Ling Zhi will not tell this kind of annoying thing to his son, so he does not know about it yet.

After reading the news page that Xiao An handed over, the media described it exaggeratedly, but Bao Fenni stores have indeed been suspended.

Ling Che said with hate: "They dare to against Bao Fenni."

No matter how rebel Ling Che is, he is not willing to affect his family because of his own affairs.

His bottom line is here.

Situ Ya knew this, of course. So she strikes while the iron is hot: "Why don't they dare? This thing is not so easy to end. Ling Che, I won't force you to apologize, otherwise I won't agree to you for not taking part in the New Year's party. I just want you to join in a variety show and whitewash yourself while leaving good impression to people. "

Ling Che never participates in variety shows.

He is so proud that he can't be hypocritical.

Moreover, he does not need to participate in a show to accumulate popularity at all. He himself is the embodiment of popularity.

"Reality show, no script." Situ Ya persuaded him, "Except not quitting halfway, you can do whatever you want, it only takes a week."

Ling Che didn't believe it: "So simple?"

"It's that simple, you should be grateful if you can go to the show. Who dares to ask you to follow the script?" Situ Ya continued, "I chose a partner for you and I promise he’s very simple. "

Ling Che understood and said with a smile: "The most important thing is that he is an Omega. You are so clever."

Participating in a show with an Omega has already attracted enough attention, plus the clips from the late stage of the program team, even if the two are completely non-interactive, Ling Che does not have to think about what the effect of the show will be when it comes.

Situ Ya shocked that Ling Che easily guessed her propose and finally said carefully and tentatively: "Are you really discriminating against Omega?"

Ling Che suddenly became serious and silent.

For a long while, when Situ Ya thought he would really say something terrifying, he raised his eyebrows and said lightly: "Of course not. I have no opinion at all on Omega, let alone discriminatory. The sentence I mean is very clear. I just said—they can’t control themselves. Isn’t that true? ”

Omega cannot control themselves?

Situ Ya didn't know why Ling Che thought this way, and where he came from. She only knew that when Ling Che debuted, and he seemed to be in a relationship, but that was four years ago.

After a while, Ling Che suddenly became very gloomy. He stayed in the studio all day long, exhausted by inspiration, and forced himself to write something out of paper. Ling Che is a very talented person, and he broke out after his decadence. His works suddenly began to blow out during the time when he was no longer distracted. The album sold very well, and his concert was non-stop. It seems that he was like a perpetual motion machine that never felt tired, then he established the position in the music world.

Since then, he is the music scene.

Glory was around him. If the perfect person has a little flaw, it will be magnified to the extreme.

Ling Che may not even realize how serious this matter is. It does not immediately destroy his position in the music scene, but it can destroy his music. Slowly, it will infiltrate the works of genius he created from prejudice and gossip until the works are no longer perfect myths.

Situ Ya said with ease: "Whether it is true or not, as long as you are not discriminatory. I really want to arrange an Omega for you, otherwise what is the point of you on this show? But rest assured, I am not going to let you hype with him, just hope that through the show, people can see your attitude towards this group. As long as there is no problem here, the public relations department will naturally do the rest. "

Ling Che still seems to be thinking. His handsome side face is against the light, so people can't guess his thoughts.

Maybe he just doesn't know how to get along with Omega.

"You don't consider it for yourself, but you also have to consider it for Boss Ling." Situ Ya took another step back. "That's okay, don't rush to decide. I've talked with Huang Qian just now, and  he will bring people over first and let you see. This kid was just signed by Huang Qian, named Xu Tangzhou, and he took a Mist advertisement not long ago. The market response was very good, so you should help the company with newcomers. "

Ling Che froze suddenly.

Soon, he turned his head, staring at Situ Ya in surprise, and slowly spoke: "What’s his name you said just now?"

Situ Ya said again inexplicably: "Xu Tangzhou."

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Ethereal Rainbow Canvas 2020-05-09 08:33
Thanks for the chapter! To be honest, I wasn't sure I understood the story from the NU blurb, but here is my take on it for now: cutie pie MC is a cool outside, fangirl inside, omega ex model who had an accident & lost his memory at some point, won an ad role, & just signed for a quite exclusive company. Same place ML belongs to, a cold, mostly indifferent (family aside) alpha musician who said something politically incorrect about omegas (though I'm not sure about it's truthfulness/prejudice ratio, it will depend on this Author's interpretation of ABO, there are variations), which put him in a mess requiring him to enter a show with our newbie cutie. ML also happens to have a lost lover who disappeared years ago. So did I miss/mistake anything?
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Yes,you're right.
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