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Chapter 2

Xu Tangzhou slept to the afternoon of the same day and found that he had been on a hot search in Flow.

# Xu Tangzhou in Xingjing # This tag quietly ranked to top 30 in the early hours of the morning. His live broadcast was replayed many times, but because he was too transparent, and was quickly suppressed by the movement of other stars on New Year’s Day. After he woke up, he didn’t know what happened.

But as much as 70,000 to 80,000 discussions, Xu Tangzhou still understood in the super talk that Xingjing company he signed is not a small company at all.

Xu Tangzhou doesn't understand the entertainment circle at all. He came into this circle by accident, and he didn't even think about being famous.

When he saw Mist's hiring new models on the Internet, it was the rewards that attracted him. He wanted to have a try so he sent a personal video.

The day after the video was posted, then he received a call from the agent Huang Qian.

"Are you the one who had catwalks for Bao Fenni 8 years ago?" The other party asked on the phone.

"Yes." Xu Tangzhou replied, "It's me."

Xu Tangzhou was fourteen years old 8 years ago.

The wrist line is over the crotch, and the knee is over the shoulder. As an Omega with a perfect ratio, he walked on the T stage when he was twelve years old. His differentiation came particularly late, so the gender characteristics are not obvious, and it seems that there is a neutral beauty between A and O. So with this feature, he had worked with some big brands.

The life of luxury, dissipation and bizarreness had long been lost in the years with age. Xu Tangzhou was surprised that the other party recognized him. 

Huang Qian said: "I watched the video of your show on the Internet some time ago by accident."

Xu Tangzhou knew that the other party found him because of his previous experience. He hesitated and said: "I'm sorry, if you need my previous experience, I'm afraid I can't do it."

Huang Qian said: "Why?"

Xu Tangzhou said: "I had an accident, and the memories of those years lost."

Huang Qian was silent for a few seconds, and some liked his honesty: "It doesn't matter as long as you are okay. I think you are very consistent with this advertising image. Our company is one of Mist's partners, and we can meet first if you are interested, then you can sign a contract with me. We are particularly interested in recommending you to shoot this ad. "

Mist information blocker's new flavor is ice cream, and no Omega is more suitable for Xu Tangzhou's external conditions.

After meeting, Xu Tangzhou looked at the contract, and he could accept the price and the work arrangement would not be very difficult, so he checked this company-Xingjing, and the registration time was only a few years. It seems that it is a small company.

He agreed.

He doesn’t expect that this small-scale company is not what he thinks, as long as one of the artists is enough to make people shocking. His name is Ling Che.

Xu Tangzhou suspected that he was blind at the time.

He reopened the Encyclopedia page of Xingjing and Ling Che's name was clearly showed on the first in the artist column. It’s so obvious, but he didn't notice it at the time.

Suddenly, he was petrified.

Fuck! It means that Ling Che and him are now in the same brokerage company!

No wonder he talked about signing with Xingjing last night, which caused so much discussion.

It is precisely because of his connection with Ling Che that he is quietly on the hot search, and tens of thousands of fans followed him overnight. Even the first daily PO comment on the homepage was rarely read by thousands of people which had a sharp contrast compared with other PO texts that read by hundreds of people. His Flow is usually not popular and this time just because of the sentence mentioned in the live broadcast, which let him know the power of flow. 

In addition to some bad words blaming him for taking advantage of Ling Che, there are also many Ling Che’s fans thanking him in his PO article.

[5555 Little brother scolded anti-fans, loved]

[Please comfort Che when arriving at the company, please!]

[Thank you. Zhouzhou, for helping our brother. I will be your passerby fan from today]

Xu Tangzhou still doesn’t come to the earth.

Ling Che is too far away for him. Even if he knows he is going to be a star after signing the contract, he has never imagined that he could really see Ling Che.

He doesn't even treat Ling Che as a real person, just because ordinary people can hardly imagine what Ling Che is like in the real world. Ling Che only exists on huge holographic posters, news, concerts and electronic albums .

The pair of deep amber eyes, the condescending expression, and the immortal momentum are simply the existence of God, just like the "Planet", which belongs to the shining galaxy.

It's hard to hide his excitement. He moved his finger to reply to one of the hot comments: I am honored [mua].

He feels embarrassed when he finished replying. In fact, he doesn't even see Ling Che's face.

Be calm.

Xu Tangzhou told himself to be calm.

He adjusted his mood and went to the refrigerator to take out a small cake he had bought the day before and ate. He thought while eating. This message is regarded as his birthday surprise. 

But he is still excited! 

Huang Qian came to pick him up after eating. Xu Tangzhou changed his clothes and went down to the roadside to wait. He simply put on a thick beige thick-line sweater, and what a thin and tall boy he is.

There was a little snow outside, and pedestrians looked back at him from time to time, as if to recognize him.

Xu Tangzhou pretended to be okay, and thought: next time I should wear a mask when going out. He accidentally took advantage of hot topic last night. It’s not good to be recognized by the anti-fans... Life is important.

He stood there, and his eyebrows are quiet and cold. He is so unique.

As soon as Huang Qian's car stopped, he climbed into the car and excitedly said: "Brother Huang, Ling Che is also in our company? !!!"

Huang Qian also watched Xu Tangzhou's live broadcast last night. Overall, he was still satisfied, and it was good to have a hot search constitution. After several contacts, he already knows Xu Tangzhou a little bit. This child is a type of serious difference between outside and inside. He is not indifferent by nature. 

Huang Qian looks chubby and smiles like a Maitreya Buddha: "Why, you are his fan? Now you know it. Are you too unqualified."

It stands to reason that all the company’s artists will participate New Year’s annual meeting in the company. Xu Tangzhou's eyes are bright: "Can I see him tonight? The kind that can shake hands at close range!"

Huang Qian used to work as an assistant to the agent. He seldom followed the stars. He was recently promoted to be a agent. Xu Tangzhou is the first star he signed by his own. So he is extraordinarily sincere and does everything in person and was very patient.

Seeing Xu Tangzhou's anticipation and nervousness, Huang Qian said: "It’s hard to tell. Ling Che is moody. He will come when he is happy, and he will not come if he is unhappy. He is used to freedom, and no one can control him, and I rarely see him in company. "

Ling Che is not an ordinary person. Even if Ling Che and him sign in the same company, it does not mean that he can meet Ling Che.

Xu Tangzhou thought a while and said, "Ah." He is a little depressed.

Huang Qian noticed his reaction: "You like Ling Che so much?"

Xu Tangzhou's earlobe was red and he said with careless, "No one doesn't like Ling Che. He is so perfect. There was a time I suspected that he was a holographic idol made in a secret plan, specializing in the treatment of Dinking Omega."

The car radio station was playing a discussion about Ling Che. Xu Tangzhou did not go on.

The host A said: "... Someone said that Ling Che can say that sentence that because a certain influence of his family relationship and growth environment."

Host B said, "Oh", then asked, "Why did you say that?"

Host A said: "Two of Ling Che's mothers: one is Ling Zhi, the president of the famous luxury Bao Fenni who is a mixed-race woman Alpha, right? This is well known. But his another mother is Beta, there are fewer people concerned. Speaking of it, after his debut, the agents and assistants around him are either Alpha or Beta from family to work, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and there is no Omega around him. "

Host B said: "Oh ~~ this is the case, so it is no wonder that Ling Che will appear to be suspected of ‘Omega discrimination’, and he does not understand Omega at all.”

Host A said meaningfully: "Maybe. Of course, this is just a guess by net friends. Maybe Ling Che's side just happens to have no Omega? We can't make a conclusion casually. After all, the party has not come out to give a statement. It is reported that Ling Che once said that he had been in love once. Although he did not specify the sex of the other party in detail, what if the other party is an Omega? "

Host B said: "Then I boldly guess that Ling Che has been hurt by love. How about being brutally hurt by Omega?"

The two hosts chuckled for a while and could not hear the meaning, then quickly changed a topic.

After listening to their discussion, Huang Qian reminded young stars on the live entertainment and said, "These people can catch the wind and clutch at shadows. Zhouzhou, you are Omega. You should protect yourself. If you face the media in the future, remembering not to expose your love history. They will imagine about how you are marked. "

It has precedents in the entertainment industry.

Xu Tangzhou tried to recall: "I... I didn’t have been in love yet."

Personal physical examination revealed that his glands had not even been temporarily marked.

Huang Qian: "???"

Xu Tangzhou smiled embarrassingly: "I am single in the past 22 years. It’s just my theoretical knowledge... too rich."

Huang Qian is really shocked.

Now that medical treatment is well developed, even Beta has joined the ranks of pursuing Omega. As an adult Omega that crushes others in all aspects, but this kid hasn't even fallen in love?

Xu Tangzhou looked away: "Please don't say. I am shy."


The annual meeting of Xingjing is a grand gathering of entertainers every year. This year the management very luxuriously ordered with two layers of the top floor of the Fisher Hotel and the heated swimming pool. They want to have a summer theme party in winter. 

The media is coming, and many reporters are stuck in the street beside the entrance, trying to block Ling Che's car by night.

Xu Tangzhou looked at the paparazzi and protesters who shot the microphone and the sign, and he frowned. These people obviously regarded this New Year party as their production machine for digging the news.

[Strictly request Ling Che to apologize publicly]

[Anti-Omega discrimination, creating a civilized country]

[Born by man, gender equality]

Huang Qian drove the car directly into the garage. It seems that he has seen many such occasions. He had experienced a lot, and he ignored the banners on both sides.

When the two took the elevator upstairs, Huang Qian said to Xu Tangzhou: "In addition to you being signed by me, I was also allotted a few young stars who were already in the company. You have not been to the company officially. They are all your predecessors. Greeting to them when you meet them. You are new and inexperienced. It ’s good to have a star friend. "

Xu Tangzhou is standing in the corner of the elevator, because the situation downstairs makes him feel a little surprised. Things seems to be more serious than he thought.

He put away his thoughts and said seriously: "Okay."

Huang Qian knew that he had never been in love and felt that he is more obedient and satisfied: "I will arrange the next working schedule. You don’t have to worry about it. If there is a chance, I will find an experienced person to teach you first."

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