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Chapter 1

On December 31st, the New Year’s Eve Gala was broadcast live on Shenhai TV.

At midnight on January 1st, the lost said the closing words after the countdown. People on the scene suddenly began to scream, cry and roar wildly, pushing the atmosphere of the night to a high tide, as if they were forced to accept the fact that Leng Che didn’t come.

Ling Che, the king of heaven, has been famous and popular since his debut four years ago. In just a few years, he has almost stood at the top of the music scene and has never experienced a trough.

One week ago, there was a shocking scandal in the music scene. An female Omega singer was accidentally marked by her partner who cheated on her. Because Ling Che and her boyfriend were friends, reporters chased Ling Che and asked for opinions.

Ling Che said coldly while reporters asking him, "Omega is originally a creature that could not be controlled by herself." Alpha words are influential and it quickly caused an uproar and occupied the headlines that day. In the era when Omega's human rights were sensitive and abnormal and after the fermentation of this sentence, the official media also sent off and  condemned, so it’s further spread.

Rumor has it that Ling Che has been blocked. The fans are crying and unable to believe that Ling Che will be affected so much, and have brushed up on social software, forums, etc. "Leng Che, we cannot live without you", "Against Omega’s moral kidnapping", "Alpha’s freedom of expression" and other topics.

And this night, Ling Che's absence from the New Year's Eve party which was already set and announced, made it unbearable for many fans.

Before the live broadcast ended, it didn't know who started it on the spot. The fans sang a chorus of Ling Che's famous classic "Planet".

"A circle around a star river,

Orbit fixed for hundreds of millions of years.

Couldn't stop trying to get closer to you,

The more impulsive, but the farther away from you ... "


Xu Tangzhou opened his eyes, and the night outside the window was thick and the fireworks were gorgeous.

He fell asleep on the sofa in the apartment alone. If it wasn't for the familiar melody coming from the TV to wake him up, he would be able to sleep until the next morning.

Ling Che shouldn't really be banned, Xu Tangzhou thought a little regretfully.

The first time he saw Ling Che on TV, Xu Tangzhou was fascinated by the man’s innate super aura. He had never seen such an Alpha—

Ling Che does not have the traditional Alpha's iconic muscles or beasts. He is tall and thin, and his facial features are three-dimensional like a mysterious vampire in anime. It can be described as handsome.

When Ling Che looked at the camera in the high-definition close-up in the MV, the amber eyes revealed arrogance and laziness and the powerful Alpha pheromone seemed to require no media transmission, which was enough for anyone who looked at him through the lens can't help surrendering.

The media once commented that Ling Che is a born superstar.

But now they are the ones who are trying to pull this superstar off the altar.

The live broadcast on TV was cut off, the singing of the live chorus "Planet" came to an abrupt end, and the New Year's Eve party officially ended.

Two seconds later a big Shenhai satellite icon appeared on the screen, then a line of small words appeared: "Happy New Year".

The mobile phone on the table began to vibrate one after another, and Xu Tangzhou was pulled back from his thoughts in a burst of regret and smiled.

Today is his birthday.

Those "Happy Birthday" blessing text messages come from relatives, elders, friends, and from fans on his social software.

Xu Tangzhou turned on the mobile phone Flow and entered into the live broadcast of the Flow. Once he is online, the barrages in the online room brush up. 

[Happy birthday to Zhouzhou! ! [Cake] You are finally online ! ! ]

[Zhou Zhou, happy 22nd birthday!]

[Happy New Year and Happy Birthday! [heart] [heart]] [heart]]]

[God, Zhou Zhou seems to be more beautiful, ah, ah, I ’m dead]

[Zhou Zhou’s skin is so white, his eyes look good ...]

It’s only tens of thousands fans on Xu Tangzhou’s Flow, and most of them are true love fans who followed him at time on the T stage when he was a minor. Although he has no impression of his modeling career in those years, his fans still love him deeply. So as soon as his Flow opened, they immediately followed him.

Agent Huang Qian is very satisfied with this. Encouraging him to interact with everyone from time to time that can help maintain his popularity.

Xu Tangzhou shot an advertisement after making his debut as an artist. Recently, he is very popular and many new fans are mixed in the barrage to wish him a happy birthday.

"Happy New Year everyone. Thank you for your blessings." Xu Tangzhou looked at the barrage that was constantly refreshing and said, "Do you miss me so much and flattering me causally in the new year. "

[Hum, hum. I am also rejected by idol today, humble]

[Humble again]

[Zhou Zhou had a cold? The voice is a little hoarse]

[The voice is so sexy, slightly hard to show respect]


"It's just a little?" Xu Tangzhou gently smiled, and his smile flicked away, "Haha, don't respect me at all."

His smiling is so attractive. So the barrage skyrocketed, and the number of people online quickly reached one or two thousand.

Xu Tangzhou is very handsome. He has thin eyes, thin lips and aggressive looks. Coupled with cold white skin, when he not smiling, he is like a sculpted person who is so indifferent that people are afraid of being close to him.

But except his fans, no one will believe Xu Tangzhou is reserved .

[Ha ha ha ha, Zhouzhou said blue jokes again]

[What is blue jokes? Zhouzhou just walked away from me (dangerous statement)


"You guys, I just walked away from the sofa and watched the New Year's Eve party and accidentally fell asleep." Xu Tangzhou glanced at the barrage and read out the name of the barrage netizen with a nasal voice, "'Pure O is out of control' , Um ... I think you are almost out of control. Please learn what is Mist pheromone blocker. "

Mist, the Chinese name Mi Wu.

The third-generation inhalation blocker is suitable for all Omega, and can quickly block the transmission of pheromones within three seconds. It is small in size and exquisite in shape, and can be customized according to everyone's preferences. It is currently the most popular daily blocker brand in the world.

The first advertisement that Xu Tangzhou signed with Xingjing was the new taste of Mist.

[Hhhhh advertisements are caught off guard. Zhouzhou is selling goods on his birthday]

[I already bought it! ! Bought it! ]

[I bought it after watching the ad. Ice cream tastes great! Every bite is like kissing my idol in the tongue ~]

[Bah, Wake up! Zhouzhou is mine]


At the barrage, someone asked which channel Xu Tangzhou was watching tonight.

Xu Tangzhou said: "I was just watching Shenhai TV."

[Crying. Hurtful!]

[Che did not go. 1551  Shenhai TV made false propaganda! ! nmsl]

[Fortunately, Ling Che didn’t go, otherwise I will vomit. Ling Che go die]

[+1. I also don’t like Ling Che]


The barrage in the room is gradually distorted. Some people asked: [Why did Zhouzhou look at Shenhai Satellite TV? I boldly guess that you are also Ling Che’s asteroid]

"Well, it's not really an asteroid. It's almost the same as you’re watching my live broadcast." Xu Tangzhou said, "I'm a superficial person."

Many question marks are on the barrage.

[? ? ? What's the same? I'm not superficial]

[? ? ? ? ? ? ]

[Fans removal warning? Not only I like Zhouzhou’s face, but also like Zhouzhou’s legs, hands and breathing]

[The one above, I suspect you are saying some blue words]

Xu Tangzhou doesn't care and slowly said: "Don't be shy. It’s the era of caring appearance. Let's say first. Before the reversal does not come, no one here can scold my idol. Can’t gossip him and civilization depends on everyone. "

As soon as he said, fans become crazy and who are particularly disgusted with Ling Che brushing up abusive barrage.

[Oh, you must be an asteroid. A brainless Ling Che’s fan ]

[Another Alpha admirer? Is the brain used to give a birth? What other reversal? ]

[Vomit, kneeling and licking Alpha. Don’t forget you are also an Omega. Be careful of being beaten]

Xu Tangzhou blinked: "Curse me, pull black and bounce back. Your brain is used to give a birth, and it contains 180 genital cavities."

As soon as the voice fell, the system prompted the user XXX, XXX was blacked out.

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha, grumpy kids was pulled black online]

[Laughing to death. My idol is still young. If you curse him, he will pay back. Hahahahaha]

[Zhouzhou is so brave. Face him! ]

"I said some bad words suddenly. Will I be beaten?" Xu Tangzhou murmured to the barrage, "I am so simple and kind. That kind of thing will never happen to me."

[Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]

[Xswl ha ha ha ha ha ha my dear mama]

[What a precious boy he is! Hahahahaha]

It's too late to pull black. There are many people in the live room and Xu Tangzhou can't ban everyone.

Someone said soon that he is not a famous star, and why he pretend to be asteroid to increase his popularity. Many people began to unfollow him.  Everyone quarreled inside, and a true fan immediately changed the subject and asked him what he will going to do for his birthday today.

Xu Tangzhou doesn’t care much about losing fans. He puts his mobile phone on the table and thinks hardly about it with his chin on hands: “Well, birthday, I’m going to the company’s New Year’s Annual Meeting today and there will be a raffle. Maybe I needn’t to buy a birthday gift for myself . "

[Company? Which company does Zhouzhou sign now? Do you want to continue the Catwalk? ! [Star Eye]]

[The boy finally signed the company! ! I’m crying so loudly!]

[What? Why do you care about the raffle? (Shut up, why don’t you let him be happy it for a while)

"No Catwalks." Xu Tangzhou said casually, "I have to work hard now and I have signed a company called Xingjing. The agent called me to live broadcast today. I didn’t expect that you still didn’t go sleep."

Barrage is still brushing.

"I received your blessing. Now please go to bed." Xu Tangzhou completed the task and was extremely sleepy. "You must be happy in the new year."

He had tears in his eyes and made a gesture of bye to turn off the live broadcast while yawning.

What he doesn't know is that the fan group was exploding because of the information he revealed.


"Why are you laughing?"

In the car, the young man closed his eyes and sleeping. His jaw line is beautiful and smooth, showing alienation and indifference.

He is not as pitiful as what outsiders thought. Leng Che is relaxing. In fact, they are now on their way home from the Shenhai TV conference venue. It is not a rumored blockade. It is Ling Che who doesn’t want to show up on Shenhai TV.

Assistant Xiao An is looking at something interesting and could not restrain her excitement. He whispered: "Brother, there is a newcomer who is very cute recently, you see."

Ling Che raised his eyelids with compassion and saw a blurry human figure still yawning on the screen: "..."

"Huh? Why does he turn off the live broadcast." Xiao An didn't realize that he had failed to introduce to Ling Che. He took back his mobile phone and said enthusiastically, "He is the one who shot the Mist advertisement recently. Did you see the advertisement? Huang Qian awarded it."

Ling Che said coldly: "No."

It doesn’t know whether it is because this day is special. Every time the first day of the new year begins, Ling Che is somehow unhappy.

He will become better until the night. People around him get used to it.

Because of the disturbance caused by careless speech, Ling Che is in a bad mood.

Xiao An wanted to divert his attention by playing tricks, so he deliberately exaggerated: "Hey, he really looks good! I am so moved. I am looking for that commercial and let you have a look. Oh, he seems to be fancy on you. He said he is your fan ... "

Except for music, Ling Che thinks everything is boring.

So he bent his long legs and closed his eyes again: "Not interested."

No matter how good-looking people are, it's enough to know one in this life.

It’s not worth wasting time.

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